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Leader House is a centre of leadership and excellence that brings the foundations of family values into business, leadership and teams



We believe that you engage Leader House because you strive to become an exceptional person, who leads by example, with clarity, precision and care.

You desire to lead that way because your business, team and family rely on it.  You desire to lead that way because you are an executive that wants their dreams to be executed, their business to be a tremendous success and to be remembered for the positive connections made with staff and clients.

Through our work together, you will lead your teams with inspiring clarity, communication and energy. And once we have engaged your team’s connection, your vision and goals will be met with effective ease.  And that can only mean a better bottom line for your business!

We train, coach and apply strategy with executives, leaders and teams.  Through that, an increase in clarity, effectiveness and connection is achieved.  You will have a conflict-free zone, filled with brilliant vision and efficient output.

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If you are considering booking a FREE discovery session it is because you want to become a better executive, leader, business owner or community member.
Mark Hamawi will deliver expert leadership workshops and executive coaching services that build success mindset, strategic thinking and influential communication.