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Health and Leadership Management

Are you a leader who seeks to behave and live life in a positive manner which encourages others around you to lift their game?  Do you want to be a strong role model?

You may be burdended with habits that you can’t shake off?  Smoking, unhealthy eating, undesirable addictions and/or stressful reactions are hindering your ability to gain full potential?

To help you gain control, Leader House has developed Health Management Coaching several programs to get your health back under control.  Specifically, we have programs for Health Management Coaching;

  • Smoking elimination
  • Weight management
  • Stress management
  • Addiction management

These programs are designed to allow you to reach deeper into your conscious and unconscious mind, and from there you will get rid of those useless habits and indulgences!

Once you have gained control over those habits, then as a leader you will feel more congruent, your inner conflict eliminated.  With that integrity, you will more confidently lead and others will more readily follow you.



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