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“As my coach and mentor, Mark evoked transformative changes to myself in terms of how I think, feel and lead.  After that, I was able to engage with and manage my employees with unbelievable success.  Then when he completed the team’s training for us, it just blew us all out of the water, and the results just happened from there.  Up and up… can’t thank Mark Hamawi and Leader House enough for that.  His combination of skills as an accountant and coach really do marry well for spot-on business mentoring!”

Carl Gustafson

London Cosmetic Clinic

“I believe it is extremely important, even if you are succeeding, to keep striving for better.  I have worked with business and executive coaches in the past, with the objective to consistently improve myself and business, however I didn’t see results.  My work with Mark however has produced in me a growing sense of control and calmness.  Through that, and other techniques we worked on, I have been able to engage with my staff in a way which creates even better results.  I can ask the staff questions which allows me better insight into their interpretations, and from there I have gained the flexibility to negotiate better decisions. So that just makes this a whole lot smoother and less stressful!  My next step will be to engage Mark for a team training and coaching package which I am certain will get us all on the same page and make the business grow further.”

Andre Le Roes

Cooper & Westwood

“I started executive coaching with Mark a few years ago. I was completely apprehensive about the results I would gain from it. However, it’s been invaluable to me and my business because I have grown my motivation, focus and ideas in ways that I didn’t imagine. I have also improved my communication with sub-contractors and stakeholders in a way that gets positive outcomes for all. And through that I have now expanded nationally, delivering training through joint ventures. Mark really knows numbers, people and strategy, and that helped me grow and now my profits and personal wealth have soared. “

David Burgis

The National Health and Fitness Academy.

Through my experience working with Mark Hamawi from Leader House, I can strongly recommend him to any business manager or owner looking to take their business and themselves to the next level. Mark’s experience in, and knowledge of, how to create and build a successful business aligns with his talents as a coach and positive outlook on life.  This is the perfect combination to assist others to move through their current challenges and points of conflict. Mark works with his clients to create a vision and enable that vision. His insightful questioning and measured suggestions allows the client to own the growth. He facilitates a positive experience and a positive outcome.”

Gary Bruce

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