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Q: What is the difference between leadership and executive training?

A: Leadership focuses on qualities and communication required to guide teams to establish successful outcomes.  Executive focuses on building strategic mindset and will also encompass leadership training

Q: How big do we have to be as a business to benefit from team training?

A: A team can be as small as two people working together.  You just have to decide if you want to be operating optimally and without conflict.  If you do, then training is for you.

Q: Why wouldn’t I just do personal mastery?  Isn’t that where all the answers come from?

A: Personal mastery is the perfect foundation setter.  It is coaching for anyone desiring a mindset to success.  However, leadership and executive coaching do focus more on skills required to run business and teams, and also on bringing product to market in a profitable manner. 

Q: What is the difference between coaching, consulting, mentoring and training?

A: Training is teaching a particular subject matter with a particular outcome in mind. Mentoring is imparting your experience and expertise in a particular field to your mentee.  Consulting is solving a particular problem within business, for example, establishing a system of operations.  Coaching is enabling a person to find the most powerful solutions by unlocking their own potential and usually involves more questions rather than telling. 

Q: How do we build culture?

A: Well the issue is that this is a very intangible element to build.  The best way to achieve this is to actually build leaders and teams that are collaborative and intelligent in their communication.  These are tools we can specifically learn and apply.  From there culture will flow positively.

Q: Why don’t you just come in a fix our problem, like increase our sales or profit?

A: At Leader House we believe that it is the business owner that has the best skills to build a business.  After all, it is their dream, vision and baby.  So what good will it do if we come and imprint OUR belief onto their Vision?  We believe that can be risky and may actually result in the business owner feeling like they have lost touch with their vision.  Through coaching and training, the executives and leaders will unlock their creative skills and find the best solutions.  Hence they will get the best outcome for their business.  And if they need to do a course on sales, well that’s easy once your mind is open and flowing with positive energy.

Q: Why the name Leader House

A: Because we believe that the values that make a good family house, also make good business.  That is the premise of Leader House.  And of course it is the place leaders and executives can come to get the solutions they need.

Q: What does your Logo mean?

A: Our logo is the extension of the Leader House value and belief.  It represents the house, the chain, the infinite flow of teams, the strength of having all sides balanced, and also the L and H of the name! 

Q: What is Neuro Linguistic Programming?

A: NLP is the result of the study of successful people.  It’s understanding how they achieve their mindset and the reasons behind that.  It then provides tools to allow anyone to achieve  that mindset by reframing their mind language.  Therefore it’s about reshaping their beliefs to enable positive interpretations which then leads to beneficial states and outcomes.

Q: What Expertise Should I Expect from a Coach?

A: Our belief is that to coach successfully, you have to have walked the walk.  That means a coach that has lived through success and failure, and proved their resilience in dealing with it all.  We believe that to coach business owners, executives and teams you need to have had immense experience in those fields.  Ask you prospective coach what their experience, education and qualifications are.

Q: What is eDISC?

A: It is a profiling system where the E stands for extended.  The DISC is the acronym for the four main profile types.  The extension means that the report is much deeper by considering the various combinations from the different profiles.  The reports also pinpoint team profiles positions and working pair profile positions, to show you how the combinations of your staff are working and where issues and strengths may lie.

Q: What’s the Relevance of your Qualifications?

A: Being a CPA and having trained under ICF accredited organisations means that we abide by strict ethical standards.  It means that we have to prove high level of education and apprenticeship before dealing with clients.  It also means we are required to invest in substantial membership fees and continued annual professional  education.  Bottom line, we are ready to get you results!

Q: I’m having trouble logging in, can someone please help?

A: Of course. If you’re experiencing difficulties logging in, please contact us for assistance.

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