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Does one of the following apply to you?

  • Work, business, life and family are all balanced, however I would like to make it even better because I believe that we should always strive to improve
  • I am succeeding, and everything is going just right, however I am losing motivation and focus.
  • I would like someone to bounce thoughts and ideas off, someone other than my accountant, family or friends.  Someone who has done this all before
  • I am feeling anxious and stressed more often that I used to.
  • I consider myself to be the solver of all problems, the heel to bear all burden.
  • I am engaging in negative self-talk and negative communication with others
  • I can’t get clarity on my vision
  • I can’t get organised
  • I can’t get my team motivated or engaged
  • I can’t get my boss to listen to my opinions, feedback or reports
  • I am succeeding at work, however other parts of my life are suffering
  • I am supposed to be a leader, I am the boss, and yet I feel like I’m faking it because I don’t believe I have what it takes



    At Leader house, we understand the journey you are on.  The one that brings you joy, success, achievement.  And one that is sometimes touched with stress, failure and heartache.

    To create a positive mindset and enhance resourcefulness in your thought and behaviour as an executive or business owner, we have developed programs that focus on;

    • Emerging leadership for solid foundations
    • Dynamic Leadership though rapid change
    • Enhancing leadership and strategic mindset
    • Developing a team of Leaders focused on peak performance

    Through these programs, and also free-style sessions, we will bust through any limitations, blockages, barriers or past programming that is currently hindering your full potential and effectiveness.  When that is done, you will experience higher success, profits, connection and happiness.

    In essence, these programs and free-style sessions will result in your development in the following areas;


    • Strategic thinking and behaviour
    • Powerful and inspiring language
    • Clarity mind set, which promotes success and motivation
    • Resilience and tenacity when needed most

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