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Statistics resulting from lack of coaching and training (Leadership

  • Fewer than 1 in 4 leaders are meeting team expectations.
  • Only 23% believe leaders are performing at 8 and above
  • 71% want leadership by example
  • 68% desire open and effective communication but aren’t getting it
  • Costs related to recruitment were on average 47% higher
  • Capacity is always an issue, irrespective of how many more team members are added

Statistics through training (Leader House);

  • Employee turnover reduced with an average savings in recruitment costs in excess of $60K per annum per five staff
  • Leaders display increased decisiveness and buy-in resulting in 32% increase of profits through efficiency
  • Staff report a 28% increased sense of community and giving and an uplift in motivation.

Other statistics:

  • Deloitte 2015 study ranked building leaderships as the number 2 priority amongst 3,300 companies surveyed across 106 countries.
  • 25% of Fortune 500 businesses use profiling systems such as eDISC

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