How is your goal setting and success coming along? Have you made a New Year’s resolution for yourself or your business?


Would you like to try a different way of setting and achieving goals?


I’d like to take you through the ‘Be Do Have model’, which is a powerful model used by many successful people, including both Stephen Covey and Anthony Robbins who use it in their writing.


So what is the Be Do Have model?

‘Be Do Have’ is a model for setting goals and creating actions to achieve goals.  It is a method that promotes changing self, so you can BE like, and DO things that successful people do – the ones who HAVE what you want.


1.     First focus on what you want to HAVE

What are your goals for your business or yourself? Our business consulting Gold Coast include higher bottom lines, profit margins, revenue, sales etc.  Whatever the goals are that you want to set for yourself.  That is the HAVE that you want going forward.


If you decide you want to have a better bottom line for your business, but it hasn’t been happening (i.e. you’re DOing and BEing the same but expecting a different result), then you need to be clear on the HAVE that you want.  And from there you can change what you are BEing and the DOing.


2.     Then focus on what you need to BE to achieve those goals.


If you want to be successful in a particular area, such as increasing your business’ bottom line, what would you need to BE to achieve this?  Remember, this is not about the DO yet.  It is simply about what you need to BE.  Examples might include:

  • Be working on the business rather than in it
  • Be more available for my team
  • Be calm and clear thinking
  • Be aware of your competition
  • Be more of a strategic thinker, etc.


If you are not sure what you need to BE, find a successful example in your business industry, or perhaps a mentor whom you aspire to – someone who has what you want – and mirror them.  Be more like them!


3.     Lastly, you focus on what to DO

What do you need to DO to BE that person?  This is the action part.  This is the implementation and application of your new mindset (BE) in order to achieve the new targets (HAVE).  Examples might include:

  • Daily meditation
  • Wake up earlier
  • Increase networking
  • Increase your knowledge of strategy and leadership
  • Prepare daily task lists
  • Change your product line
  • Increase your prices etc


How is be do have model different from other methods of goal setting?

Many people will set goals around what they want to HAVE and what they have to DO to achieve their goals.  But most people do not consider how they have to BE.  This is critical.


Most people either fall into the victim or the worker when it comes to goal setting.


As a victim, they believe that when they HAVE certain things such as money and time, they will DO what they’ve always wanted and BE happy.


As a worker, they believe that they just need to DO more and then they will HAVE what they want and BE happier.


However, with the BE DO HAVE model, you take a higher level approach to achievement.  You focus first on what they need to BE – what type of person do I need to BE to get the outcome I want and what you need to DO as that person.  The HAVE then takes care of itself.


A side note

In all good leaders health is a balance, consider exercise and diet as actions as these increase your level of alertness around BE, DO actions.  BE Healthy!


We’d love to hear from you

Have you used the BE DO HAVE model?  What experience have you had?  What other models have you found successful to achieve your goals?  Comment below or on our social media pages.

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