When you want to be successful, you need to walk your talk to gain the trust and commitment of your valued employees. Simply going forward and knowing the way is not enough. In order to show others how to do it, leaders have to walk the path. 

Mature leaders especially need to understand that leading by example is the most efficient way to motivate and inspire employees. Walking the talk is the best, and only way, for leaders to inspire their employees and build lasting trust. So, how do you walk the talk?

What does it take to lead by example?

Align Your Policies with Your Core Values

If you preach one thing and do the opposite, you will immediately discredit yourself as a leader. Business mentor Gold Coast not only does it force you to lose your influence, but it also often tarnished your image beyond repair. 

Define the Changes You Want to See

To really provide the relevant context for your ideas, you should ensure that your employees understand what you expect by defining them clearly. You should set out to identify misaligned employee behaviour and address it with what you expect. Before you act, make sure that you gain a clear picture of any problems. 

If not, you may be treating symptoms as opposed to the cause. 

Be the Change

As a leader, you have a fair amount of influence on the behaviour of other people. However, you have complete control of your behaviour. Adopt the changes that you’re hoping to implement. This will help you turn them into daily habits. 

By modelling these changes, your employees will take note and act accordingly.

Be Consistent

Consistency and predictability are the true virtues of intelligent leaders. You can ensure lasting alignment when you implement consistency throughout your personal and corporate values. 

Be Mature and Own Up to Your Mistakes When You Make Them

Leadership values maturity more than anyone else. A mature leader will always be able to rise above unpleasant situations in order to see the bigger picture. Mature leaders never hide from their mistakes and leave their team behind to deal with the aftermath. 

When you admit your mistakes, you aren’t admitting defeat. 

Ask for Support

If you need support, you should never be afraid to ask for it. Everyone needs support at one time or another. Commit to walking the talk by asking for support when you need it.

The Bottom Line

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