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1. Business Series: Introducing The Series

Business is often a complicated and confusing journey, only because it may have been commenced with insufficient understanding, planning and resources. This series provides you with business basics to get the foundations right, allowing you to grow a profitable, exciting and long term successful venture!

2. Business Series: Business Planning

How you start your business often dictates what your business will become. And if you start without a plan, it’s likely your business will become disorganised and potentially become another failed statistic. This workshop gives you the tool to build a business plan, and create a solid foundation for business success.

3. Business Series: Structure

Knowledge is power, and this video is about understanding what your options are when it comes to forming your business structure. This one is out of my ordinary line of videos. It’s much more technical, none the less the content is fundamental to success.

4. Business Series: Know Your Numbers part 1

It’s simple. If you don’t know where your business stands, then any decision you make is based on assumptions and perhaps leading you to failure. The easiest way to know the truth, is to know your business numbers! This video is the first in a sub-series about Knowing Your Numbers… and we start at a basic P&L overview. Enjoy!

5. Business Series: Know Your Numbers Part 2 – Ratio Analysis

The secret used by CFOs of large companies, Ratio Analysis. Knowing how to use ratios gives you a fast way of measuring your business position in a context that can drive better performance.

6. Business Series: Element 4 – CEO Mindset part 1

Mindset is key to success in business. And framing the correct mindset in business, from the start, enables powerful growth and high profits to be achieved. Lets ensure you have the CEO mindset which will attract all desired elements into your business environment from the start.

7. Business Series: Element 4 – CEO Mindset part 2

The first step in achieving your CEO mindset is for you to ask yourself this question “Do I BELIEVE I am the CEO of my business”.

8. Business Series: Element 4 – CEO Mindset part 3

To have a CEO mindset, you need to spend more time working on, rather than in, the business. To do that effectively, a successful CEO is focused on 3 key questions. Resolving those questions will result in higher profits and growth in the business.