During the COVID-19 pandemic, the world saw a huge uprise in remote and hybrid work environments. While it may have significantly changed the way that leaders lead, it wasn’t able to change the fundamental tenets of intelligent leadership. In fact, throughout this time, leaders have been able to find ways to empower, engage, and motivate their workforce.

With the end of the pandemic completely out of sight, workforces were forced to retreat to home offices. However, some are now beginning to return to their normal offices while others remain at home, creating hybrid teams. Luckily, managers and leaders all over the world have continued to deliver great leadership under these unique conditions. 

Leadership and Hybrid Teams

The core objectives of leadership should not alter for remote and hybrid teams. A true leader should still be able to predicate their approach and position on two crucial pillars:

  • Identifying gaps and drawing up plans to close them
  • Helping others assess where they are and where they want/need to be

However, the challenges that managers and leaders face to achieve these goals have begun to change. The post-pandemic hybrid workforce environment has now introduced hurdles such as:

  • Reduce situational awareness
  • Wedges between in-office and remote teams
  • Communication difficulties
  • Frequent misunderstandings
  • Isolation
  • Lack of small talk
  • Lack of mingling
  • Lack of knowledge about team struggles

So, how can leadership coaching Gold Coast professionals help leaders handle these challenges?

Showing Vulnerability

Throughout time, vulnerability has been positioned as weak or insecure. However, showing vulnerability and honesty is a very respectable and effective way to build trust. Many professionals advise their clients to navigate troubled waters of hybrid teams together. 

This is the better way to go forward as opposed to acting as an all-knowing source of wisdom and direction. 

A Renewed Focus on Communication

Communication is more critical than ever before when it comes to hybrid teams. Leaders should ensure that everyone is on the same page by overhauling and republishing organization communication policies and standards. This helps to make sure everyone is on the same page. 

Providing Career Development Opportunities

Intelligent leaders are able to realize that offering career development and leadership opportunities to employees will further motivate them while also adhering to their needs. By making mentoring and coaching an integral part of organizational culture, you show them that they are a valued employee worth developing.

The Bottom Line

Remote mentoring programs are great for feeling your way through a hybrid environment. A good Leadership Coach, Gold Coast can help your team navigate through hybrid environments and the way you work.