1. Leadership Series: Introducing The Series

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If you are struggling to inspire and influence your team, this series is for you. We will unpack the skills and tools a leader needs to communicate with clarity, and lead effectively. Higher profits, growth, positive teams are just some of the benefits you will...


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I’d like to help you find effortless leadership. Through this leadership series, I’ll show you the communication and influence secrets that will enable you to lead your team with ease. In turn, your business will experience growth and profits, more than you ever dreamt possible.

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2. Leadership Series: 10 Pillars To Effortless Leadership

This workshop is a dive into the 10 foundational pillars that a leader must work on, in order to achieve effortless influence.

3. Leadership Series: HPT Leadership Pillar

High Performing Teams require a leader that can add value to the team and steer them to greatness. This video pinpoints and unpacks the critical element to realise those outcomes.

4. Leadership Series: Communication Basics

Communication is singularly the most powerful tool available to leaders. Mastering this skill differentiates leaders from managers. This video shares a couple of key tips to connect through communication.

5. Leadership Series: Behavioural Profiling

If you’re hiring staff and you’re not using a behavioural profiling tool, your chances of successfully hiring the right person is reduced by 62%. That means lost time, money and energy. Watch this video to understand DISC profiling and make team building easy.

6. Leadership Series: Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence has a stronger influence on success than IQ. That’s because managing your emotions is key to leadership and influence. Further, your ability to be in tune with the emotions of others allows you to connect. Watch this video for further insights.

7. Leadership Series: Principle 6 – Delegation part 1

In my opinion, the art of delegation is the most crucial skill every business owner must master. Let’s unpack these 12 steps to delegation. Without them, the journey to growth and success is forever filled with unnecessary challenge and difficulty.

8. Leadership Series: Principle 6 – Delegation part 2

Continuing the 12 steps to mastering delegation, plus your checklist to success.

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